Mother Decides To Carry Baby Without Brain To Term To Donate Organs


Keri Young feels the kicks, has the hiccups and can hear her daughter’s heartbeat, but unlike most mothers, she won’t get to see her daughter grow up.

Her unborn daughter Eva has anencephaly and doesn’t have a brain.

Keri Young and her husband Royce, of Oklahoma City, have shared heartbreaking details of the pregnancy in a series of posts on social media.

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At 19 weeks, they found out their daughter would only have 24 hours to live at birth if they decided to keep her.

“This is our daughter’s perfect heart. She has perfect feet and perfect hands. She has perfect kidneys, perfect lungs and a perfect liver. Sadly, she doesn’t have a perfect brain,” Keri wrote in a post on Instagram.

Mother decides to carry baby without brain to term to donate organs

Faced with terrible options, Keri said they decided to continue with the pregnancy to full term to give other children a chance at life.

“We know she will not live. But someone else is desperately hoping for a miracle. Their kidneys are failing them. Their liver has betrayed them. They deserve life, and they’re probably praying for it. Eva can be their answer to it.”

Royce paid tribute to his wife for her selflessness in a post shared last Friday on Facebook, which has received thousands of comments from people touched by the couple’s story.

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Mother decides to carry baby without brain to term to donate organs

“I thought back to the moment where we found out Eva wasn’t perfect, and how literally 30 seconds after our doctor told us our baby doesn’t have a brain, somehow through full-body ugly crying, Keri looked up and asked, “If I carry her full term, can we donate her organs?” he wrote.

“There I was, crestfallen and heartbroken, but I momentarily got lifted out of the moment and just stood in awe of her. I was a spectator to my own life, watching a superhero find her superpowers. In literally the worst moment of her life, finding out her baby was going to die, it took her less than a minute to think of someone else and how her selflessness could help. It’s one of the most powerful things I’ve ever experienced.”

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Royce and Keri also have a two-year-old son named Harrison. “Whenever Harrison gets hurt, or has to pull a Band-Aid off or something, Keri will ask him, ‘Are you tough? Are you BRAVE?’ And that little boy will nod his head and say, ‘I tough! I brave!’” he wrote.

“I’m looking at Keri right now and I don’t even have to ask,” he added. “She’s TOUGH. She’s BRAVE. She’s incredible. She’s remarkable.”



  1. 68 years ago my sister, Sandy, was born with only a small part of a brain. Sandy was blind and unable to hear but lived 9 months. She never sat up and never walked but now in Heaven she is whole. I am glad I have the promise of seeing her again someday, and yes you will see Ava again someday also. Thank you for not
    deciding on abortion but letting other children live.

    Nancy L Henneman

  2. Keri and Royce. What an incredible act of love. Eva will live on and serve through someone else. Perhaps this was her purpose and yours for carrying her. Some live their entire life not realizing their purpose. I will pray for you both and for your little boy. God has given him such compassionate parents.
    May God be with you and watch over you and hold you close as you move through this part of your life journey.

  3. Thank-you for your selfless sacrifice. God has a plan for all of us and this is a wonderful example. I believe you will be reunited in heaven someday. God Bless you.

  4. I was pregnant and told that but I was so young and hurt. Even to this day. I had a son ,open spine and didn’t have part of brain to tell his body to breathe. I wish I had more clarity at that time. Y’all are very brave and God bless you.

  5. Dearest Keri & Royce,
    Firstly, let me thank you for the kindness of your hearts.
    I cannot find words to describe the depth of love, pain, and sacrifice I know you must have, and are going through, for there are no [earthly] words that are adequate.
    My sweet grandmother had a son in the 1940’s with Anencephaly.
    She was told [at that time] that the baby had been a “stillborn” … many years later she was to discover that he had been born alive and lived for 2 days.
    She was angered and grieved over the [new] knowledge that her arms could have held him and her words could have comforted him during those two days while he passed away… had she had only known.
    Just prior to this, my grandparents had buried their 2 year old daughter who suffered from a heart defect.
    We are a Christian family, and my grandmother poured through books for many years, in search of “afterlife” stories .. to more fully find comfort to soothe her aching heart.
    It is for this purpose that I am writing to you …to help you find more comfort.
    I came across this author [Betty J. Eadie] probably 21 or 22 years ago and read her account of being in heaven during her near death experience.
    Over the years I have purchased and given out over 20 of these books when I’ve felt prompted to do so, as this book was so inspiring, it changed and enhanced my life.
    The book is called;
    “Embraced by the Light”
    Another one she wrote that I love is;
    “The Ripple Effect”
    I highly “highly” recommend that you read these books.
    I have included webstites where you can purchase them ‘used’ in order to cut costs.
    If for any reason you cannot afford to buy them, I would be happy to purchase them for you and have them shipped to you directly from the seller.
    You may reach me at my personal email address which is
    I wish for you much happiness going forward in your lives. You have made the greatest of all sacrifices and I pray that our Father in Heaven will bless you richly for your sweet precious gift to others.
    I ‘KNOW’ your little girl will be there to meet you when it is your time to cross through this veil of life, and enter the home which we have all come from.

    Written with Love,
    Baroness Robin H.
    Mother of 6 amazing adult kids,
    Grandmother of 16 adorable grandchildren,
    … and awaiting angel baby’s #17 joining us in April, & #18 joining us in August.

    • Nutty and spicy and date-y and oh Evan, it fills my soul with joy that you ar1n2#8&e7;t one of the blgogers afraid to ever have a little butter in life

  6. Much love of a mother ❤ God bless you dear and your family 😍 you are God’s way of blessing others with your compassionate heart 💋 hugz!


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