During National Anthem, Football Player Stands For First Time Since Being Pummeled By 18-Wheeler


Three years ago, Wesley Baker was standing on the football field at Conway High School with his hand over his heart during the national anthem.

The young football player had his whole life ahead of him until tragedy struck. Baker was walking along the freeway when he was hit by an 18-wheeler.

Somehow, he miraculously survived the horrific accident. Yet, he lost a leg, suffered severe brain damage, and sustained other injuries because of it.

After the accident, Baker, who was aspiring to play college football, had his dreams shattered.

Doctors told his parents that he would never walk again.

But he still made it to football games:

And didn’t want to hold his body back, even if it meant learning basic life skills all over again:

With such terrible injuries, Baker continues to need medical attention:

However, he keeps on fighting. And that resilience and determination was showcased at Friday night’s football game at Conway High School.

Baker, who hasn’t stood at a game since his tragic accident, stood while the national anthem played.

His mom, Debra Phipps, posted to Facebook about the milestone:

“I can’t even begin to tell you all how I felt, a mom’s dream to see her son stand, and one day walk. A huge milestone! Wesley did it!!!…

Thank you all for sharing, praying and believing one day Wesley would be able to do this! I hope you all feel as blessed just seeing this. Always fight, never give up!”

She also told Myrtle Beach’s ABC15:

“It feels like a dream. I’ve asked God for three years… when his accident took place I said, ‘God please let my son walk again and talk again,’ and day by day, he’s shown me miracles.

Wesley, he’s worked hard, he’s lost his leg and he had a right to sit down, but now God is giving him the strength to stand up, and we all need to stand up for America.

With so much controversy surrounding athletes’ protests of the national anthem, Baker’s touching story shows Americans what it really means to ‘take a stand.’



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