Parent Confirms Five Year Old Daughter Pregnant


A five year old girl in what can only be described as incredible has been confirmed pregnant in a remote village of Kanke local government, Plateau State, Nigeria.

Reports say that the father told newsmen that, his daughter of Five years began to complain of excruciating pains in her groin which they didn’t pay commensurate attention to. After a while, they noticed that her breasts were developing, all of which they attributed to early adolescence precocity.

Their fears was confirmed after tests were carried out on her when they noticed her protuberant tummy. They pregnancy test came back with a positive verdict.

According to reports, the locals and family of the girl are still in a state of shock, considering the girl’s age and biological placing.

Parent Confirms Five Year Old Daughter Pregnant

The child’s parents said, the perpetrator of the strange act is not known but the police has begun an inquiry with the view to unmask the identity of the perpetrator behind the heinous crime.



  1. So what this baby is not alive or the little girl has gone missing? Why no updated information. Plenty information about lina back in 1939. Why start a story to then not finish it or update it? Unless it’s fabricated or as usual it’s an half hearted documented fact not allowed the same publicity, as it potentially could over shadow Lina’s historic remembrance i suppose.
    As bad as both these stories are, as ultimately it is child abuse, telling one story in more detail than the other is just how history has always been documented. People are only allowed to remember who this society, media and discrimative government wants you to worldwide.
    Unless the heritage associated with your existence is not from a first world country the struggle for real history documented to learn from or contribute is still an active. fight


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