The Amazing Story of a Woman That Survived Breast Cancer Twice


“My name is Rika Cargill. I Have Survived Breast Cancer Twice”

Rika’s personal experience with cancer began in August 2012 when she discovered something unusual about her breast after giving birth to her son, George. A breast cancer diagnosis soon followed. Read her narrative below:

“I did chemotherapy and the cancer completely disappeared. However, it reoccurred in the beginning of 2016. There was another lump that came in my right breast, so I decided, ‘Get it off!’. So I had a double mastectomy in April 2016. And by May I was up and off bouncing around.

I lost my mother and grandmother, both to breast cancer in 2006. They passed away months apart. And two of my aunts later on. I lost my dad to prostate cancer right after I had my breast removed. I also lost a best friend to breast cancer in October, so I have been going through the ropes. And I just wanted to encourage people.

Medicine can help, but it genuinely starts with you. Mind over matter. Every sickness and disease is a mind thing, and once you have the mindset to fight and survive, and you have people loving you, taking care of you, pushing you, (you can do it)” – Rika Cargill

Today, Rika is cancer free, and with her three children – Terenique, Ticarri and George – rooting for her, she says she will keep on fighting.



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