Want To Make Money In Africa? Start by Solving Any of These 8 Serious Problems.


1. Hunger

Want To Make Money In Africa? Start by Solving Any of These 8 Serious Problems.

Hunger is one of Africa’s biggest and most serious problems.

Images of hungry and starving African children often make the headlines in mainstream media and have come to represent the face of our continent.

Despite having more than 60 percent of the world’s uncultivated arable land, a conducive climate for agriculture, and an overwhelmingly young population (more than 60% of the African population is under 25 years old), millions of people on our continent still go hungry.

Presently, Africa does not produce enough food to feed itself and has remained a net importer of food. 

With one of the world’s fastest growing populations, many African countries spend billions of dollars every year importing basic food products to meet local demand and consumption.

Our continent’s population (currently at just over one billion) is projected to rise to 2.3 billion over the next 30 years. With all these mouths to feed, agribusiness is more than likely to become a booming industry in Africa’s future.

There are several reasons for the serious hunger problem on our continent.

Apart from hunger which is induced by conflicts and natural disasters (like drought and floods), Africa’s failing agriculture industry is arguably the root cause of hunger on the continent.

Agriculture, which used to be a booming and attractive industry, has been abandoned for white-collar jobs in the cities.

At the current migration rate, more Africans will live in cities than in rural areas by 2050. With decreasing interest from ordinary people and low investments from both the business community and governments, the current state of Africa’s agriculture industry makes it unable to produce the amount of food needed to feed a large and fast growing population.

There are several lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs who start businesses, no matter how small, that help to solve the hunger problem in Africa.

The high demand for food staples is leading to interesting opportunities in vegetable farming,cassava farming, livestock farming (fish, chicken, pigs, ostrich, snails).

There is also a huge potential for businesses like animal feed production that support the livestock industry.

The opportunity in Africa’s hunger problem is simple:

Food is a basic need and a matter of survival. It’s boom time for food businesses. You can hardly ever go wrong with food in Africa!

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